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Review: ‘George and the Blue Moon’ — The Oxford Culture Review

In 2007, Lucy Hawking teamed up with her superstar physicist father Stephen to write a popular science trilogy for children. The George series, aimed at readers aged 8+, turned out … Continue reading

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The Martian, NASA, and Potatoes

It’s been a while since this originally came out, but I never published it to my blog. In November, I was interviewed by my friend Dan O’Neill, who is a … Continue reading

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Exhausting Star Trek parody

It is a surprising move, to say the least. Steven Erikson, author of the world-famous high fantasy series The Malazan Book of the Fallen, has written a science fiction parody. … Continue reading

05/07/2015 · 2 Comments

Watch out, the author was previously known as Pittacus Lore…

Endgame: The Calling James Frey and Nils Johnson-Seton Do not judge a book by its cover, they say. It is true that a book will usually need more research before … Continue reading

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“So what is your research about?”

It is a question I get asked often, and frankly, it is the question academics love to be asked most. (Hint: it is a much better question than “When are … Continue reading

07/02/2015 · 2 Comments

Je weet niets, dus je blijft lezen

De Jongen uit Celstad C.M. Chang Er is weer Nederlands nieuws in sciencefictionland! Soort van Nederlands, dan. De Jongen uit Celstad van C.M. Chang is in april 2014 in Nederland … Continue reading

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Voor de gevorderde geek

Ready Player One Ernest Cline Schrijven over een game is lastig. Vrijwel alle grote games hebben boeken voortgebracht: Assassin’s Creed, World of Warcraft, StarCraft, enzovoort. Maar dit zijn verhalen gebaseerd … Continue reading

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Where space opera meets horror meets fantasy – and they get along

Peter F. Hamilton The Abyss Beyond Dreams Ever since he announced the creation of a new series in 2011, Peter F. Hamilton’s massive new work has been eagerly anticipated by … Continue reading

20/11/2014 · 2 Comments

Niet zomaar het zoveelste zombieboek

Zombies, we zijn er de afgelopen decennia mee doodgegooid. Naast vampiers zijn zombies de meest geliefde, gebruikte en misbruikte fantasywezens. Maar waar de vampier sexy is, een naam heeft en … Continue reading

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