Ms Kanta

Voracious reader and DPhil candidate blogs about books and scholarly life.


The easiest way to contact me is via Twitter, @MsKanta. Comments on this website are also very welcome, via the form below or direct comments on blog posts, and I’d be happy to contact you privately if you leave your email address.

I prefer not to publish my academic contact details publicly on my website, although a little googling should allow you to find these details.

I am always happy to receive new books to review, whether in hardcopy or digitally (epub or mobi). Publishers and self-published authors who would like to request a review of a certain book can contact me via Twitter or the contact form below, or send me an e-mail at kantaji.d (at) gmail (dot) com. I am also a registered user at NetGalley.
My preferred genres are:

  • Science Fiction
  • Science Popularization
  • Literature/General Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • Comics and Graphic Novels

A book that has been accepted for reviewing will receive a review within three weeks. I always finish a book I have accepted for reviewing, and I always write an honest review. I do not leave books unfinished unless they make me physically ill. As a few of the reviews on my website will have made clear, if I dislike a book, it will receive a negative, though always constructive and respectful, review.

My reviews will also appear on Goodreads and, if written in Dutch, on Hebban.

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