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Best books from 2014

I chose not to write an overview of 2014 for my own blog, and instead give you a list of books I am going to read. However, the Oxford Culture Review did want to present a 2014 overview, so here are the five books, published in 2014, that I think people should read.

The Oxford Culture Review

If you’re in need of books to start off your New Year, Kanta Dihal picks some of her favourite books from 2014 that you might have missed first time around.

Laline Paull – The Bees

This is one book that will be too harshly judged by its cover. If the title will not make people frown, its blurb most certainly will: yes, the protagonist of this book is an actual bee, and no, it is not a children’s book. Too many people will put the book away sniggering. Don’t – the novel is an extremely imaginative and knowledgeable debut, and effectively communicates humanity’s destructive impact on bees and nature at large.

download (2)

Jean-Paul Didierlaurent – The Reader of the 6:27 (Le Liseur du 6h27)

Didierlaurent’s debut novel has not appeared in English yet – it will likely be published in 2015 by Macmillan – but it is one to look out…

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