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The Worst Over-Hyped Fantasy Ever

I am a big fantasy fan, which is why it really disturbs me that there are so many overhyped really bad fantasy books and series around. Here are the ten individual fantasy books, or series if I have read them entirely, that I dislike the most.

  1. Stephenie Meyer – Twilight Saga
    I read all four books, so I may judge. Fortunately, nearly everyone is well aware how bad the series is, so I don’t have to repeat that. One thing I still don’t get is why so many people who know it’s bad still enjoy reading it. Escapism is much more enjoyable if the world you escape to has some internal consistency, trust me.
  1. Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga – The Walking Dead (novels)
    The graphic novels are amazing, and so is the TV series and the game, but then they come up with these spinoff novels? They are hair-raisingly badly written, and the first instalment of the series – The Rise of the Governor – deserves another Misleading Title Award because the book ends before the Governor appears.
  1. Terry Brooks – The Sword of Shannara
    This is a straight copy of The Lord of the Rings in all the wrong ways. The plot is too similar to Tolkien’s to be interesting while not adding anything original whatsoever (bunch of men go on trip with the bearer of the one item that can kill big bad dark overlord), and the first woman appears on page 400.
  1. Willam Peter Blatty – The Exorcist
    A let-down no matter what you think of the movie. I really cannot see why so many horror fans enjoy reading it. The writing style is extremely obnoxious and the book is not scary at all. The author tries to make a point about Christianity, but his writing is so convoluted that even that message does not come across well.
  1. Michael Scott – The Alchemyst (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
    Another one of those books upon finishing which you will wonder why the author was encouraged to produce sequels. The main characters are two teenagers, but the author seems to know very little about general teenage behaviour. They also both happen to be martial arts champions – but this is conveniently only revealed after an old man is kidnapped in their presence.
  1. Christopher Paolini – Eragon
    What frustrates me most about this series is the obvious way in which the author (a teenager when the first book was published) was completely hyped by a parent with an influential position in the publishing industry. Any other teenager would have been given the encouraging remark to please come back in ten years with a book that might be good by then.
  1. Cassandra Clare – City of Bones
    A Star Wars ripoff so obvious that it is embarrassing. I also cannot comprehend how Clare wanted her readers to sympathize with a main character who appears not to give half a shit about the fact that her mother has been murdered.
  1. Gena Showalter – Alice in Zombieland
    This book neither resembles Alice in Wonderland nor contains zombies. Misleading Title Award winner! Alice is a religious teenager who prays before murdering hordes of man-eating ghosts, but the book is published by Harlequin – how will religious teenagers be allowed to read this?
  1. C.S. Lewis – Narnia
    I strongly object to the religious indoctrination of children, and that is the only reason these books are written. Teaching girls that they are “almost as good as a boy” when they join their brother in leading an army to war at age six does not sit well with me either.
  1. Pittacus Lore – I Am Number Four
    For a while, it seemed that this was going to be the latest overhyped badly written teenage fantasy series, but fortunately, the hype was soon over when this first book was turned into an even worse movie. Phew. Bland characters and a pathetically silly story – this could so easily have been the next

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