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Review: ‘The Crucible’

Last week, I saw an amazing performance of Arthur Miller’s ‘The Crucible’ by the St Hilda’s College Drama Society. Great plays are always put on too briefly…

The Oxford Culture Review

Few historical trials speak to the imagination as much as the Salem witch trials of 1692, an event that led to the executions of twenty innocent people through an unfortunate combination of mass hysteria and theocratic despotism. Seeing parallels with the manic hunt for communists in the McCarthy era, Miller published his play The Crucible in 1953, three years before he himself was summoned to appear before McCarthy’s committee. More than sixty years later, the play remains a compelling indictment of mass hysteria and juridical fumbling – has society not changed much at all?

This week, St Hilda’s College Drama Society stages Miller’s most widely performed play with an impressively large cast: twenty-one people share the stage. Two roles that weren’t in Miller’s original have been added, Martha Corey and Ruth Putnam, who are only spoken of in Miller’s play. The play focuses on John and Elizabeth Proctor, husband and…

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