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‘Bang! The Complete History of the Universe’

As you may know, I study popular science – and I recently discovered that none other than Queen’s guitar player Brian May co-authored an amazing popular astronomy book! Read my review here at The Oxford Culture Review:

The Oxford Culture Review

Starting up a band means hard work for an insecure future. An aspiring musician will never know whether their band is going to break through; it might never get beyond small gigs in cafés. It is an unpredictable road to take, which is why guitarist Brian May pursued a PhD degree in astrophysics alongside starting up this band called Queen.

Needless to say, after their big breakthrough May had to abandon his research in 1974. In fact, he never planned to finish his PhD research, even after Queen disbanded after the demise of Freddie Mercury. However, after appearing on the famous astronomy TV show The Sky At Night and writing a popular astronomy book, he re-registered for his PhD in 2006, submitting his thesis in 2007.

Publishing house Springer published May’s thesis as a monograph, and it was widely purchased, probably by diehard fans. A strange fan purchase indeed: A…

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