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Voracious reader and DPhil candidate blogs about books and scholarly life.

Words of welcome

People who know me in real life were probably expecting it already. Yes, Kanta has made a blog about books, and perhaps it’s a bit overdue.

I am a reader, an insatiable reader, and I have been ever since I learned to read when I was nearly three years old. As a kid, the combined efforts of my parents and the city library only barely managed to keep up with my reading – I got into some serious trouble for asking whether I could go to the library again when I had just been given five books the other day, but yes, I had finished them…

And here I am, twenty-three years old, with a master’s degree in Literary Studies. How unexpected.

I first started using Twitter in 2011, to tweet about every book I read under the name @MsKanta. Yes, every single book. It sometimes happens that I tweet about a different book every day for a week in a row.

It was this summer that, finally, I thought I should put in some serious effort to become a book reviewer. I mean, I have read so much, I have an opinion about every book I read, and my degree has taught me to write about books pretty thoroughly, so why shouldn’t I put this to good use?

This blog, then, will be a collection of reviews, alongside updates of my research, which of course is also about books.


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